All of you are working so very hard.  It feels sometimes like it will never end; like you will never have that “right” life that you’ve been waiting for all of these hard years.  Well, you just need to know…

A call came yesterday from a past group member.  She had really been in the depths of a pit when she started this process.  At the beginning she was reeling from a divorce and actively engaged in seeking love in all of the wrong places.  She confessed painful secrets of frequent “hook-ups” with men whom she knew didn’t really care about her, a consuming habit of masturbation, and complete self-loathing.  She didn’t feel able to make good decisions and swung between thoughts that “everything’s really okay in my life” and “I have ruined everything beyond repair- including my children”.

She called yesterday to report that she is moving on.  The work and ministry she’s been involved with full-time for the last several years has asked her to be involved in an expansion of that ministry.  She is leading the way in local medical mission work- especially involving helping women in bad circumstances.  She has good relationships with her children and other family, including her ex-husband.  She feels good about herself and her life and enjoys a real sense of purpose and passion.  She has also enjoyed years of celibacy.     Her call was just to say “Thank you,  I never dreamed life would ever be okay.  Now it’s better than I’d ever imagined”.

May that be the story of our lives as we continue this journey.   You’re headed in the right direction, dear friends.  Press on.  Being honest with ourselves and honest with one another will bring us all to a place we’ve never realized (or maybe even hoped for) before.