The group is now closed. That means we can be open.

Know that as you protect the privacy of those around you, they are protecting your privacy as well. This is not a “secret” group- secrets keep things in the dark. This is private, and safe; confidential.
This is a place to share what you might have never shared with another person on the planet. Honesty is essential- with each other as well as with ourselves.

It’s time to be honest about why we do the things we do. The walls we’ve built to protect ourselves have become our own prison cells. It will take much courage to walk out of those cells into the light.
It will take more strength than you think you have to disassemble the lies that make you think you’re safe inside of your secrets.
That is why we walk this path together- sometimes it does take more strength than you have on your own right this moment. We can hold one another up.
Begin to trust those who share this sacred circle. There is strength and healing in the sharing of truth.