It was hard, checking the things that sound like somebody else’s life.

Those things all were from someone else’s life- the victim.  She used any and all of those methods to cope, to survive, to keep herself from being hurt again.

You are all women ready to thrive.

You can learn to change the methods you’ve always used to cope with the pain.  You can choose a better way.  You can recapture much of what was taken from you, enjoy some of life that has been lost to you, and begin a new way of living.  …But the way out is back through the pain.

Admitting what is going wrong now was part of the first step- now it’s time to admit what really happened.  Write your story; recall an episode and describe it in detail.  Yes, it is VERY difficult- but you can do it.  You are strong and brave and none of that can touch you now.  You are in control.

What happened to you is NOT what you are.  What happened to you was a crime.  Let’s just look at the details of it together.