The week is almost gone. Hopefully you’ve found some balance between working on your stuff and NOT working on it.


If you’ve checked out and not thought about it since Monday- here’s a quick reminder of what you need to be working on:

Personal Information page (name, address, contacts, history)

Survivor checklist- don’t worry about how many of these you check.  It’s ok.  You might be suprised by how many everybody else has checked too.

Write your story.  This can be of your first memory of abuse- or maybe the most profound you can recall.  There is no wrong way to do this.  The goal is to be as complete as possible; including sights, sounds, feelings, location, who was present… whatever you can recall.  If this seems like an absurd thing to do, read through the Goals of Recounting sheet to see the purpose in this exercise.  It is an important first step.  Though it seems impossible sometimes IT IS NOT.  You can do this.   You will be amazed at the relief it brings to get it out on paper.  Bring your story with you to group Monday night.

Finally, do something to take care of yourself- go for amorning walk, choose a delicious healthy meal, treat yourself to a massage (call Randi at Augusta School of Massage  706-863-4799),  or just be still and breathe in and out for a few minutes.  You’re worth it!